Gießwagen Mod. CI3

Watering booms consist of modular aluminum profiles with standard height of 120mm to avoid any possible bending, indipendent from the step of greenhouse construction. The booms run safely inside the profile without noise thanks to the special Vulkollan wheels. Thanks to the aluminum profiles, the system is light and easy to install.

The full optional control panel with touch screen is graphically intuitive and allows an immediate programming.

Besteht aus:

  • Double rail in aluminum with internal wheels running cavity
  • Recoil system cart in steel complete with 4 vulkollan coated bearings
  • Irrigation bar pulling bar in steel complete with 4 vulkollan coated bearings
  • Self-driven head head (Motor 0,37 kW) that activates the steel cable for cart's pulling
  • Watering system with double pipe in stainless steeel, adjustable height
  • Main water pipe diam. 40mm
  • Recoil unit with pulleys
  • End switch on both greenhouse and walls
  • Manual valves for left and right irrigation
  • Self cleanings solenoids
  • Extra nozzles on sides
  • Contol panel with touchscreen display

Control Panel

  • Manual and automatic operating modes
  • Setting of watering direction, speed and number of watering cycles each zone
  • Automatic pre-discharge on programmable position
  • N. 20 independent zones settable in meters or graphically
  • Zones or steps irrigation for benches
  • N. 8 daily timing
  • N. 5 solenoids control

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  • Remote control
  • Multiple remote control
  • Dosing unit arrangement
  • Indipendent and adjustable sides nozzles
  • Treatment pipe 16 bar max
  • Double solenoid for automatic left and right irrigation